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Rural Homelessness in India


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Author: Julia Wardaugh

Title: Rural Homelessness in India

Publication: International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

Publication Date: 2012

Citation:  Wardaugh, J. ‘Rural homelessness in India.’ (2012) Susaj J. Smith (ed) International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

Author’s abstract:

Rural homelessness in India (as in many developed and developing countries) is arelatively hidden and unknown phenomenon. The processes of counting, defining and categorising rural homelessness have barely begun. Yet the scale of rural homelessness in India is vast and likely to grow further along with India’s expanding population. The causes of rural homelessness include poverty and landlessness and wars, conflicts and natural disasters. This chapter addresses the causes, definitions and extent of homelessness in rural India, and provides both a typology of rural homelessness and some cases and illustrations of the experience of homeless people in rural India.

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